The History of
No. 31(R.A.F.) S. F. T. S.
No. 14 (R.C.A.F.) S.F.T.S.
Kingston, Ontario
No. 1 Relief Aerodrome, Gananoque



The Home of Fleet Air Arm Training
In Canada



No. 31 Service Flying Training School opened September 10, 1940 with the arrival of R.A.F. officers and ground crew from No. 7 S.F.T.S., Peterborough, England, a school training Fleet Air Arm pilots.
R.C.A.F. pilots were the first class to receive their wings on December 14, 1940.
Two members of R.C.A.F. were killed in first fatal crash December 20, 1940.
First Fleet Air Arm pupils arrived on December 30, 1940.
In May 1942 the R.A.F. straining schools were incorporated into the B.C.A.T.P.
No. 31 closed as an R.A.F. operation and opened as R.C.A.F. No. 14 S.F.T.S. on August 14, 1944.
No. 14 S.F.T.S. closed September 7, 1945.


Construction of a satellite station at No. 1 Relief Landing Ground was completed in the spring of 1942.
First fatal accident on June 11, 1942, killed two F.A.A. pupils when their Harvard aircraft collided.
In August 1944 R.C.A.F. staff began replacing the R.A.F. staff.
Station continued training Fleet Air Arm pilots until it closed September 7, 1945.


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Coloured b/w photo of A/LA Wm. A. Martin, Bristol, England.