R.A.F. Schools Incorperated Into R.C.A.F.

At the United Nations Air Training Conference which opened in Ottawa on May 18, 1942, a new agreement was forged to supersede the plan as it then existed. The original plan came to an end on 30 June 1942. The British government wanted to extend the B.C.A.T.P. beyond March 1943 and to work out the best way to complete the transfer of R.A.F. schools to Canada. The Air Minister said that Canada was not eager to have more R.A.F. schools because of the administrative burden these would entail and said it would be far better to absorb them into the Plan if and when they were transferred. Mr. H. H. Balfour, the Under-Secretary of State for Air, warned of morale problems if the schools were brought under the Plan’s framework. Also, the British considered that the R.C.A.F. “lacked the administrative resources to undertake this added burden” but, in the end, they bowed to Canada’s wishes.

The R.A.F. schools already in Canada were promptly incorporated into the plan coming under the R.C.A.F. for administration and accounting purposes as well as flying training; but they retained their R.A.F. identities and designations. The new agreement, which became official on 1 July 1942, extended the plan until 31 March 1945.

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