In Memoriam: Fliers And Staff

Airmen and fleet air arm who died or were killed while stationed at Norman Rogers Airdrome and at the relief landing ground at Gananoque.





Dec. 30, 1940
LAC G. D. Lowe R.C.A.F., age 22; LAC Henry Levy R.C.A.F., age 21
Killed in crash. LAC Lowe had just graduated and promoted to the rank of Sergeant. He was the son of George and Nellie Lowe of Waterloo, Ontario, and was survived by his wife of one month, the former Hazel Ruth Chalmers.
LAC Levy was the son of Lazarus and Annie Levy of Toronto.

March 1, 1941
Group Capt Alexander Shekleton, C.B.E., D.S.O. Heart attack.
On Cremation Memorial at the Ottawa (Beechwood) Cemetery.

April 13, 1941
LAC John Murray Reardon, age 18, R.A.F. pupil pilot. Killed in crash. He was son of Mrs. A. F. Reardon and stepson of Geoffrey L. Wright of Southport, Lancashire. Buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery, Kingston.

June 9, 1941
A/LA William S. McCulloch, age 18. Killed in crash. His mother resided in Paisley, Scotland. He was buried in the Mountain View Cemetery. Vancouver, B.C.

June 17, 1941
LAC Benjamin Elwell, age 20. Drowned. He was survived by his wife of Birmingham, England.

July 15, 1941
LAC R. E. Fellows, age 22. Crashed. He was the son of John and Maggie Fellows of Cradley Heath, Staffordshire.

Sept. 21, 1941
LAC Roy Marshall, age 20. Crashed. He was the son of Lilian Marshall Jones of Lee, London, England.

Oct. 28, 1941
LAC Ernest Raymond Reynold, age 22. Died of Injuries . He was the son of Ernest and Maud Ellen Reynolds of Pype Hayes, Birmingham, England. Buried at Cataraqui Cemetery.

Nov. 20, 1941
LAC John Oldfield, age 22. Crashed in Lake Ontario. He was the son of Sydney and Nellie Oldfield, Harborne, Birmingham, England.

Feb. 23, 1942
P/O Willard E. Madden, 24. Crashed. Son of Rev. & Mrs. F.W. Dunbarton, Ont.
A/LA Walter Herbert Riddett, age 19. Crashed. Son of Herbert and Edith Riddett of Nomansland, Wiltshire, England.
A/LA Claude Anthony Treble, age 19. Crashed. Son of Ralph and Annie Treble of Awbridge, Hampshire, England.

Apr. 13, 1942
A/LA George Deans, 20. No. 35 Course. Crashed. Son of George and Mary Deans of Largs, Ayrshire.

Apr. 20, 1942
A/LA Peter Robinson, age 18. Son of Henry and Eleanor of Scisset, Yorkshire.

May 17, 1942
Warrant Officer Dennis C. Hide, age 25. Instructor, age 25. Crashed. Son of Eric and Elsie Hide; survived by his wife, Joan (nee Burden) of Burley, Hampshire.

June 11, 1942
A/LA Henry Paterson, age 20; A/LA Eric Gibson, age 20 of Course 54. Crashed.
A/LA Paterson was son of Henry and Mary Paterson of Knightswood, Glasgow.
A/LA Gibson was the son of Charles and Annie of Castle Gresley, Derbyshire.

June 15, 1942
A/LA John C. Moore, age 20. Crashed in Lake Ontario. Son of James and Gwendoline (nee Dugdale) Moore, Cardiff, Wales. Body unrecovered.

June 16, 1942
A/LA’s Richard J. Rowley, age 22; Geoffrey D. Askew age 20.
A/LA Rowley was the son of Frederick and Sybil G. Rowley of Exeter.
A/LA Askew was the son of Major and Mrs. H. R. Askew of Bordon, Hampshire A/LA Askew’s body was recovered.

June 19, 1942
Sgt. William Bodington, age 21. Died of Injuries. Son of George and Ernestine Bodington of Acton, Middlesex.

July 4, 1942
LAC Sidney D. Thurston, age 22. Died of Injuries. Son of Alfred Edward and Ethel Thurston, of Brandon Parva, Norfolk, England. Buried in Minden, Ontario.

July 28, 1942
A/LA Ronald Frederick Bush age 20. Crashed Son of F/O Frederick Bush and his wife, Beatrice, of Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

Oct. 11, 1942
A/LA Robert Breingan, age 20. Died of Injuries. Son of Robert and Charlotte Breingan of Port Alaviri, Napier, New Zealand.

Nov. 20, 1942
A/LA Harry Holman, age 19. Crash. Son of F/O Harry Ernest Holman, R.A.F. (V.R.) and Isabelle Stevenson Holman of Dundee, Scotland.

Nov, 28, 1942
Lieut.Robert C. Edwards, age 24. Son of Edgar Cecil and Bertha Susannah Edwards of Llangranog, Cardiganshire, Wales. Body unrecovered.

Dec. 27, 1942
AC2 Kenneth George Moorhouse, age 25. Accident. Son of John H. Moorehouse and his wife Bertha Jane. Buried in the Arnprior Cemetery.

January 4, 1943
Flight Lieut. Alan Blyth. Commemorated on the Ottawa Cremation Memorial at the Ottawa (Beechwood) Cemetery.

Feb. 8, 1943
F/O Arthur David Walford, age 21; A/LA Michael Beachcroft, age 19. Crashed.
F/O Walford was the son of Walter and Mina Walford of Cricklewood, Middlesex. A/LA Beachcroft was the son of Major Maurice Beachcroft, O.B.E. and Mrs. Beachcroft of Chalfont, St. Giles, Buckinghamshire.

February 8, 1943
A/LA Hugh McNeice, age 19. Crashed. Son of Hugh and Rosina Ethel McNeice of Lee, London, England.

April 1, 1943
A/LA Hugh Victor Laing, age 18. Crashed. Son of Hugh and Elizabeth Laing of Fenham, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

July 9, 1943
P/O Frank Alexander Piercy age 23; A/LA Geoffrey F. Hicks, age 23. Crashed.
P/O Piercy was the son of Thomas and Agnes, and husband of Rita Ellen Piercy, Riverton, Southland, New Zealand.
A/LA Hicks was the son of Solomon John and Winifred of Redditch, Worcestershire.

Sept. 16, 1943
AC1 John T. Middlemiss, age 42, was the son of John and Margaret of Haltwhistle, Northumberland, and was survived by his wife, Dorothy Mary of Lemington, Northumberland.

Sept. 20, 1943
A/LA Bryce Murphy, age 22. Crash. Son of Jack and Elsie Muriel (nee Harris) Murphy, Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand.

Sept. 28, 1943
FX96026 A/LA Geoffrey Fitton, age 20. Crashed into Lake Ontario. Son of Edwin Arnold and Augusta Victoria Fitton of Burnby, Lancashire.

Nov. 30, 1943
P/O Nicholas Frederick Charles Winby, age 19. Son of Frederick Chas. and Violet Joan Winby of Notting Hill, London, England.
A/LA Ivor William Wilkin, age 18, was the son of Alex and Margery Wilkin of Fen Ditton, Cambridgeshire.

Dec. 19, 1943
F/O Wm. M. Moffatt, age 28. Son of Rev’d A. S. Moffatt and his wife Ethel J. of Auckland, N. Z. Husband of Winifred F. Moffatt of Parkeston, Essex, England.
A/LA Gordon Clifford Hicks, age 18. Son of Charles G. and Florence L. Hicks of New Malden, Surrey, England.

March 15, 1944
A/LA Roy Richard Tolson, age 18. Crash. Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. Tolson, Dewsbury, Yorkshire.

April 3, 1944
A/LA H. W. Graham-Brown, age 28. Crash. Son of Rev. Wm. Graham-Brown and his wife Sybil R. of Sudbury, Suffolk.

May 3, 1944
F/Sgt. Richard Gordon Elliott was the son of Lieut. Gilbert Oldfield Elliott and his wife June of Iver, Buckinghamshire, England. He is buried in the Sioux Lookout Cemetery.
AC2 Frederick Lewis Cochshott, age 22, was the son of Frederick Charles and Susan Jenny Cochshott of Liverpool, England.

July 5, 1944
A/LA Eric Skorrow, age 22 Crashed into Lake Ontario. Son of George Henry and Ethel Mary Skorrow of Hoyland, Yorkshire. Body unrecovered.

Aug. 16, 1944
A/LA Sydney Garbutt, age 18. Crash. Son of Francis and Doris Garbutt, Darlington, Co. Durham, England.

Sept. 17, 1944
F/O Lawrence Bernard Guest. Survived by parents John Wm. and Ida Guest of Hillingdon, Middlesex, England.

Nov. 17, 1944
A/LA Frederick John Shadbolt, age 21, was the son of Frederick John and Beryl Shadbolt of Picton, Marlborough, N. Z.

June 20, 1945
F/Lieut. J. W. Frizelle, R.C.A.F., age 27. Crash. Son of John W. and Florence Frizelle Also survived by his wife Audrey Donna Frizelle, all of Toronto.

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